Best of November 2020

Clue Junior football peg game and reversible wrapping paper Santa and gift tags silver and red

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Games and Packaging

Clue Junior football peg game and reversible wrapping paper Santa and gift tags silver and red
  • What: Most popular posts
  • When: November 2020
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November came with several celebrations, including the milestone 1000 posts here at Practically Apparent. Readers clearly still have entertaining kids on their minds, but have also started thinking about the upcoming holidays. With all that reading material to choose from, these posts found their way into November’s most popular list.

Clue Junior board game for kids, football peg game, black child's face mask

Clue Junior: Kids may not be able to solve the mystery of politics or public health, but they can have fun figuring out who ate the cake, at what time, and with which drink in this spin on a classic. Players take turns moving any of the six colored figures around to collect clues. (Hint: This means no more meltdowns over who gets what color!) The first person to correctly guess the answers wins.

Close up of wooden football peg game with red blue and green pegs in board

Football Peg Game: Can’t attend a real game to enjoy your child’s favorite hobby? Try the compact version instead. This tiny wooden peg board uses dice to determine the play. With moves for each possible roll printed right on the board, kids can play a quick game at home or on the go until they can get back to the real thing.

Reversible jumbo roll wrapping paper Santa heads on silver background and Very Merry gift tags on red background

Reversible Wrapping Paper: If you want wrapping paper that goes the extra mile, try the kind printed on both sides. Guaranteed to coordinate, this paper can make your holiday look Instagram worthy without all the fuss. Never worry about buying multiple rolls again. As an added bonus, these rolls also come with more paper, making them excellent to use for many gifts or multiple occasions. 

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