Road Trip Supplies

Brown Audi Q7 SUV with bikes on top pulling 1992 Fleetwood Wilderness travel trailer next to picnic table

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Hit the Road with Fewer Worries

Brown Audi Q7 SUV with bikes on top pulling 1992 Fleetwood Wilderness travel trailer next to picnic table
  • What: Road trip supplies
  • When: Driving long distances with kids
  • Why: Keep the peace and your sanity
  • Where: On the road

Many families face the prospect of long distance driving during this pandemic. If you want to take the kids on a road trip without losing your marbles, these items can make the journey smoother for everyone inside the car.

Rubbermaid back seat organizer filled with kid entertainment for road trips

Back Seat Car Organizer: These compact organizers attach to the back seat of almost any vehicle. Much like an airplane tray, kids can fold down the desk area for playing, art, or even to make room for a meal. The organizer also comes with pockets to hold supplies when not in use. Best of all, you can use these even when you’re not hitting the road for long distances.

Suns rainbows unicorns amscan coloring activity sticker kit in pink carrying case with small markers

Amscan Travel Coloring Kits: These travel kits come packed in a plastic case that makes them great for on the go. They include a stack of coloring sheets and stickers in the given theme, as well as four tiny markers. The backs of the coloring pages can be used as blank surfaces for tic tac toe, taking notes, or just doodling. Their low cost means you can get one for the trip there and a different theme for the return leg to keep things new and interesting.

Wyoming license plate 2020 on car with bucking bronco pictured in front of mountains and river

License Plate Bingo: If you need a game that can last your entire trip, try license plate bingo. In this game, kids look for different license plates on vehicles and try to collect one from all 50 states (or all the provinces or different countries in the region). Keep track of what they’ve spotted by writing it down in their Amscan travel kits, or grab one of many of the boards available for this type of search.

Imagination Starters reusable washable chalkboard place mats forest scene colored in by seven year old child

Chalkboard Placemats: Erasable placemats make another great reusable activity for the car. Kids draw on these mats with chalkboard crayons, then can erase their work and start all over again. They work wonderfully for games like tic tac toe as well as doodling. You can get a variety of different styles, including maps so kids can color in states as they spot them for a game of license plate bingo. 

Best look and find books for kids

Look and Find Books: These search and find books can keep kids occupied and focused as they look for the objects hidden on each page. You can get simpler versions for younger kids, like Thomas the Train Look and Find or Hide and Seek Things That Go, as well as classics like Waldo, 1001 Things to Spot, and I Spy for older kids. 

Busy box for kids with deck of cards, crayons, small notebook, slap bracelet, and handheld game inside compartments

Busy Boxes: You can’t go wrong packing a busy box tailored to your child’s interests. These boxes work well for a variety of ages, from toddlers to tweens. Add in some simple, small items they haven’t seen before for the best results. Younger kids enjoy new toys and things to manipulate. A deck of cards can go a long way for older kids who can read and play games. And you can usually find tiny figures of favorite characters to encourage more play without taking up tons of space. Whatever you choose, from games to art supplies to toys, pack it all in a fun container before you hit the road. 

Water Wow! Deluxe on the go Around Town water reveal activity book pad with red lens Melissa and Doug

Water Wows: These books come in two types, both of which use water in a paint brush type pen to color in the pages. The bigger deluxe activity books include a magnifying glass to add a look and find element. The smaller, more compact books have multiple thick pages for coloring. All the books can be used repeatedly, as once the water dries, kids can start all over again.

Don’t forget to pack snacks and plan for plenty of bathroom breaks. Some time to run around a bit before getting back into the car never hurts either. Here’s to making your next road trip with the family the best one yet!

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