Logic Puzzles for Kids

Logic puzzles for kids Roller Coaster Challenge Three Little Piggies Logic Land Castle and Rush Hour Jr in stack

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Let Them Puzzle It Out

Logic puzzles for kids Roller Coaster Challenge Three Little Piggies Logic Land Castle and Rush Hour Jr

  • What: Logic puzzles for kids
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Educational, stimulating, fun
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to give your kids an extra challenge? Want them to use their powers of deduction to solve problems, instead of depending on luck? Give one of these logic puzzles for kids a whirl and see if your child can figure out the clues.

Three Little Piggies logic puzzle game for kids in box

Three Little Piggies: This logic puzzle boasts two ways to play, and works for a wide range of ages, from toddlers to adults. Pick a challenge and use the picture in the book to get the board set up. Then try to place all three house pieces to keep the piggies safe from the wolf. The game includes two modes: day and night, both of which offer multiple levels of challenges. As a bonus, it includes a picture book of the story of The Three Little Pigs.

Rush Hour Jr Logic puzzle game for kids from Think Fun

Rush Hour: You can get this game in a nice junior version or go for the full set. Either way, players slide cards along the path to try and untangle the traffic. The game comes with challenge cards in a variety of levels, and the board, cards, and pieces store neatly inside the included drawstring bag until kids get ready for their next challenge.

Roller Coaster Challenge logic puzzle STEM game with coaster at end of track and game card showing

Roller Coaster Challenge: This game works much like other logic puzzles, where kids use a challenge card in one of four levels of difficulty to set up the board. Then, using the pieces specified, they try and connect the roller coaster track from beginning to end. This game takes a little longer to get the hang of it, but once kids understand the different types of track pieces, it makes assembly easier. Kids can then test their track with the included roller coaster, or check the back of the card for the solution.

Logic Land The Enchanted Castle Deduction Puzzle showing booklet of riddles to solve and inside of both sides of magnet tin

Logic Land Puzzle: This pictorial game also requires no literacy skills. Kids use picture clues to place magnets in each room to answer the question on each page. The problems become harder to solve as kids work their way through the challenges, with the answers printed on the flip side of the page. Stored in a tin with a book that stands upright when needed, this compact game works great for on the go or at home.

All of these games work with single players, but kids can also team up to solve the challenges. No matter the number of players involved, give kids a chance to use their savvy to reach the correct answer rather than depending on luck.

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