Gifts Kids Can Make

Homemade gifts projects for kids Lego photo frame melty bead ornaments tie dye shirt leaf sun catcher

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Give a Little Something That Means a Lot

Homemade gifts projects for kids Lego photo frame melty bead ornaments

  • What: Gifts Kids Can Make
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, unique, creative
  • Where: At home

Want to spend a little less on the holidays this season, but give more? Looking for a way to get your child in the giving spirit? Try one of these projects aimed at kids to deliver some serious happiness to others during the holidays.

Perle fuse melty bead Christmas ornaments made by kids tree candy cane star and stocking

Perle Bead Ornaments: You can get a giant container of fuse beads and let kids loose. Grab a set of plastic plates in holiday shapes, or let them create their own designs. Either way, kids end up with a unique creation perfect for sharing. All you need is an iron to finish off the process.

Homemade leaf sun catcher craft made by six year old

Autumn Leaf Sun Catchers: Use materials from nature and household items to make these decorations. Gather the leaves your child likes best, mix with some crayon shavings for extra embellishment, and let them press the entire thing between sheets of wax paper. Voila! A gift that can bring joy year round. 

Marbles in cake tin with paper on bottom painted by rolling balls around

Paint By Marble: Kids love this original method of painting, and parents like the minimal mess. Just add a few marbles to a baking sheet or cake pan lined with paper. Let kids roll the marbles around the container until they are happy with the result. This art project makes a lovely gift for relatives far away as it can be mailed for no additional charge. Or use it to wrap smaller gifts for those closer to home.

pony bead pipe cleaner chenille stem snowman

Pony Bead Ornaments: Pony beads and pipe cleaners can make endless shapes. Kids can add beads in any color to the chenille stems, then shape them into ornaments or other decorations perfect for giving. Best of all, this project requires no glue, scissors, or tape so it makes for minimal mess and massive fun.

Lego Ornaments: Got a few extra pieces laying around? Let kids make their own LEGO ornaments to give to friends and family. Add a ribbon or paper clip to fashion a hanger. Or assemble bricks into a rectangle to make a one-of-a-kind photo frame. A picture or piece of art completes the gift.

Child's tie dye t-shirt

Tie Dye: If you have some spare fabric or clothes, this more intensive project can produce some big results. Kids can make shirts, socks, pillow cases, place mats and more that will bring color and joy to anyone on their list.

Present wrapped in packing paper decorated by young child

Wrapping Paper: To top off any gift, homemade or otherwise, and save money, let your kids loose with some blank paper and art supplies. From markers and crayons to stamps and stickers, almost anything goes with this project sure to bring a smile to the recipient.

Happy gifting!

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