Do It Yourself Snow Globes

Homemade snow globe made by five year old kid with metly bead stocking and glitter in jar

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Making Magic and MemoriesHomemade snow globe made by five year old kid with metly bead stocking and glitter

  • What: Make your own snow globe
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, unique
  • Where: At home

Want to bring a little magic to this holiday season without breaking the bank? Repurpose some empty jars into homemade snow globes.

Child using hot glue gun to attach metly bead ornament to inside of jar lid on a cookie sheet
My son working on his homemade snow globe.

All you need to create a unique decoration is a jar with a tight fitting lid, water, glitter, a glue gun, and small items to tuck inside the jar. Fill the jar about three quarters with water, then choose the glitter you want to add. You don’t have to stick to a single color. Add a few taps (remember you can always add more) of the color of your choice, then stir to see the results.

Glitter in water in jar as seen from above
Add glitter and stir.

Once you feel satisfied with the glitter portion, use your glue gun to add items to the inside of the jar lid. Hint: Perle bead creations make a great addition to this project, or you can use LEGO or any other tiny plastic waterproof toys and animals. As long as it fits inside the jar, it goes. The taller your decorations, the easier they are to enjoy.

Perle melty fuse bead stocking in red and white hot glue gun to inside of jar lid
Use hot glue to attach decorations to the inside of the jar lid.

Once the glue dries, add the lid to the jar and be sure to tighten it so no water leaks out. Flip the entire jar upside down, so the lid rests on the bottom. Presto! Just shake or turn upside down anytime you’d like to set the glitter swirling and enjoy the magic of a tiny scene in a bottle.

Child shaking homemade snow globe jar
My son is fascinated with his snow globe jar.

Kids ages five and up can usually do this project on their own once they collect supplies. They may need some help with using the glue gun, or positioning objects in place. This craft also makes a great way to use up (and contain) any glitter leftover from previous crafts. Kids can keep their snow globe or give it to someone special.

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