Snap Circuits Jr

Electrify PlaytimeSnap Circuits Jr electricity building kit parts hooked up to batteries

  • What: Snap Circuits toy
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Educational, entertaining, fun
  • Where: Amazon

Looking to light up your child’s life while also stimulating their scientific investigations? Check out Snap Circuits Jr, a basic electrical circuit exploration toy. 

Snap Circuits Jr Kit on Amazon

With this circuitry kit, kids with zero experience can have lights flashing and sirens blaring in no time. Simple snap-in parts connect to the plastic base in a variety of ways to keep kids learning and intrigued. Step-by-step illustrated instructions for more than 100 different projects come included with all the different pieces. Kids won’t need any additional tools or supplies to start exploring right away. And parents don’t need to worry about electrocution or other safety hazards.

Snap Circuits Jr box contents
This kit comes with everything you see here.

I used this kit to keep my five year old entertained while the older kids and I handled remote learning. He loved building the circuits, and thanks to the illustrated manual, he didn’t need much hands on assistance from me, which worked great for everyone involved. 

Snap Circuits Jr board with circuit built by five year old boy
My son built this circuit with all the bells and whistles while my older kids did remote learning.

Whether you want to encourage more STEM play or you want to offer a child who loves electricity a more desirable outlet for their explorations, you can’t go wrong with Snap Circuits Jr.

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