Munchkin Game

Race Through the Dungeon to the FinishMunchkin board game for kids

  • What: Munchkin Board Game
  • When: 10 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a new game to entertain your kids? Do you have kids who love fantasy characters and monsters? Grab a copy of Munchkin for the whole family to enjoy playing together.

Munchkin Game on Amazon

In this competitive game, three to six players race into the dungeon to fight monsters and each other. The first person to reach level ten wins. Gain levels by successfully defeating monsters. Lose levels if you can’t conquer your foe. The game comes with a board, twelve colored munchkin figures (six males and females in each color), two decks of cards, and a dice. 

Munchkin board game set up
Each number on the board represents a different skill level.

Take turns drawing cards to try and advance your level. Earn different class cards and types of creatures with special skills to help you defeat your enemies. But watch out! Players can team up to help or harm each other on their race to the finish. This game’s complex rules work best for older kids, and they definitely need developed reading skills (or to play with an adult on their side) to compete effectively.

Munchkin board game with
Draw door cards to open the door, fight monsters, and earn treasure cards.

Part luck, part skill, and all fun, Munchkin brings excitement to long dark days. If your family needs a new competitive game beyond the classics, try this swashbuckling adventure into the land of fantasy and see if you can emerge victorious.

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