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Santa Spectacular

Arthur Christmas movie

  • What: Arthur Christmas movie
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Hilarious, entertaining, sweet
  • Where: Amazon

We don’t often recommend movies here at Practically Apparent, but sometimes you see something that you can’t resist sharing. Arthur Christmas debuted back in 2011, but somehow I missed it, probably because my son had just turned one and I was already several months pregnant with our second. When I first heard about this movie a few weeks ago, I assumed it was about Arthur the aardvark, from the books by Marc Brown, so I had pretty low expectations.

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How wrong I was! Arthur Christmas features a family of Santa Clauses, where the biggest job of the Christmas season gets passed down from generation to generation. In this heartwarming tale, we see Arthur embracing the Christmas spirit and a sense of family unity, something we can all relate to, especially after this year. The movie doesn’t have any religious references, instead focusing on the legend of Santa and how he reaches kids around the world in one night each year.

Check out the Common Sense Media website for more information. The recommended age is five and up, though I think it can work for kids as young as three. You can read the comments from other parents to decide if this movie is right for your family. I loved the emphasis on family and taking care of others this movie presented.

Arthur Christmas was a huge hit for our family. It offered something for everyone, from all three kids (ages 6, 8, and 10) as well as the adults. I haven’t laughed this hard in what feels like nine long months. Here’s to hoping it brightens everyone else’s day (or week, month, or year) as well.

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