Let the Countdown Begin

Bye bye 2020 written on toilet paper partially unrolled on windowsill

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Polishing Off 2020Bye Bye 2020 written on toilet paper handing on holder on wall

  • What: Let the Countdown Begin
  • When: New Year’s Eve 2020
  • Why: Let’s be done with this year
  • Where: At home

Well, folks, we’re signing off from one heck of a year. From the good (hello, 1000 Posts and loads of family together time) to the bad, (I’m looking at you, remote learning with zero notice), it’s been a wild ride. I wouldn’t want another one like it, but I suspect 2020 will go down as one for the history books. Let’s all hope it’s for the right reasons.

Here’s to merry and bright and whatever you need to stay sane and safe in the coming year.

All of us at Practically Apparent

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