Backpack Rain Covers for Kids

ZM-Sports backpack rain waterproof cover on

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Keep Stuff Snug and Dry

Black ZM-Sports Backpack Rain cover over child's backpack

  • What: Waterproof backpack covers
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Keep your kids’ stuff dry
  • Where: Amazon

Want to make sure your kids get outside more in 2021? Stuck in a wet climate but still want to hit the trails (or even the local park)? Grab one of these affordable ZM-Sports Backpack Rain Covers to keep your kids’ stuff dry even on the wettest days of the year.

ZM-Sports Backpack Rain Cover on Amazon

My kids have been outdoors every day for multiple hours in an effort to avoid both coronavirus and the sheer boredom that comes from being stuck inside for months on end. Since I long ago got sick of carrying everything for them, they are all equipped with their own backpacks big enough to hold everything from lunch boxes, water bottles, and books (not to mention the odd shovel or bucket). But kid backpacks don’t generally come with a lot of weather proofing built in. Enter the need for a rain cover.

ZM-Sports backpack rain waterproof cover on backpack with straps showing next to storage pouch
The covers fit over the backpack but leave straps accessible. They pack away in the included pouch when not in use.

I wanted something that didn’t weigh a ton, take up a lot of room, or break the bank since we needed three. So I ordered these ZM-Sports Backpack Rain Covers to fit the bill. I let each kid pick their color from the nine choices. The whole cover packs down into a small thin bag about the size of a greeting card. Once you pull it out and unfold it, it uses two buckles to secure it in place. Both buckles, one across and one up and down, have adjustable straps. The visible side includes a reflective strip, which makes me feel better when darkness comes so early these days. The storage bags also include a plastic clip, so kids can attach them to the outside of their packs even when not in use. Or they fit easily inside just about any pocket for easy access if the weather turns rainy.

ZM-Sports Backpack rain cover in storage bag inside front pocket of chid's backpack
My son’s rain cover fits easily inside the front pocket of his backpack with plenty of room for other stuff.

These covers beat the pants off the plastic trash bags we used before. My kids can still access their backpack straps, but their bags don’t get dirty when placed on the ground nor do they soak up any wetness even when it’s not actually raining. You can get these covers in three different sizes. Having no idea of the actual capacity of their bags in liters, we got the small size for 15-25 liters. Though if I had it to do again, I’d get the medium 30-40 liter size for regular kid backpacks. (The small size works perfectly for toddler backpacks like Skip Hop’s Zoo or small REI Kids’ Backpack, and they cover our backpacks but they do squish the pack some.) 

ZM-Sports backpack waterproof rain cover buckle closures on adjustable straps
The plastic buckles and adjustable straps insure the correct fit.

So if your kids are all set with their rain boots and rain jackets and all you need is dry packs, grab a cover and get out there.

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