Unicorns Oh My

Unicorn hoodie blanket unicorn light up stuffed animal unicorn scratch art activity book unicorn activity book for kids unicorn magic coloring set plus plus unicorn head

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A Myriad of Fantastical Ideas

Unicorn hoodie blanket unicorn light up stuffed animal unicorn scratch art activity book unicorn activity book for kids unicorn magic coloring set plus plus unicorn head
  • What: Ideas for Kids Who Love Unicorns
  • When: Three years and up
  • Why: Fun, entertaining, lots of options
  • Where: At home

Do you have a child obsessed with unicorns? Maybe you want to start the year with a little more magic. Whatever the cause, check out this variety of projects and books featuring fantastical unicorns of all shapes and sizes.

Bo the Brave Unicorn Diaries book cover by Rebecca Elliott

Unicorn Diaries: These easy readers feature Bo the unicorn and the antics of her and her friends. From school trips to new friends, these books have lots of large text and colorful illustrations sure to delight any unicorn enthusiast.

Unicorn Activity Books for kids with pink cover and rainbow mane

Unicorn Activity Book: This 50 page book includes oodles of blank pages waiting for your child’s inspiration. They can complete word searches, mazes, dot to dot puzzles, or just color to their heart’s content any time the mood strikes them.

Unicorn Hoodie Blanket Kit by Make It Real arts crafts do it yourself project for kids

Unicorn Hooded Blanket: Get crafty with your unicorn energy! This no-sew kit makes a fluffy fleece unicorn blanket that doubles as a hoodie. Thanks to easy pre-cut pieces and illustrated instructions, it works well for a variety of ages to create a lasting snuggly project.

Unicorn Monopoly Junior: We love the Monopoly Junior game for kids. And now it comes in a festive unicorn edition. Let kids enjoy their unicorn figures as they prance around the board collecting things like cotton candy, rainbows, cupcakes, and butterflies. The bright color scheme augments this delightful foray into fantasy game land.

Scratch and Sparkle Unicorns Activity Book with pop out pieces and art

Unicorn Scratch Art Activity Book: Stuffed with a variety of sparkling unicorn ideas, this book features lots of scratch art paired with pop outs, mazes, and more. Kids can decorate and play with the pieces, or look for the hidden pictures and complete the math activities. No matter which activity they choose, it’s sure to be filled with sparkling fun.

Pimki Pops Jelly Dreams Light Up Unicorn pink stuffed animal glows

Unicorn Light Up Stuffed Animal: This stuffed animal goes one step further. Squeeze the foot to turn the light on one of several settings, and the unicorn glows. This unicorn doubles as a night light and cuddly friend all in one, though you’ll want to make sure you have the required batteries to get the glow going.

Plus-Plus unicorn mystery box set assembled construction toy building set pieces

Plus Plus: These tiny building blocks connect in a myriad of ways for endless fun, including one small set that builds a unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail. Make the unicorn as instructed, then use the pieces over and over again to build whatever your kid can imagine.

Unicorn Magic colouring set Tiger Tribe coloring travel compact box markers pages stickers

Unicorn Magic Coloring Set: This compact set includes 48 pages to color, as well as ten markers to bring them to life. Complete the pictures with the included sheets of stickers, and keep everything stashed in the handy case with compartments, which seals close with the help of a magnet.

Loopies: If your child wants another way to create a unique unicorn all their own, look no further than this Loopies craft. Kids stuff a net with thick fuzzy yarn, then use the included hook to pluck pieces through the holes. Add eyes, a mane, ears, and of course a horn to complete the stuffed friend.

Sequin Stuffed Animals: This sequin pet has a weighted bottom to help soothe kids. Flip the reversible sequins in rainbow colors, or use the included stickers to decorate your pet and make them yours. No matter which part your child finds soothing, they’ll love this unicorn friend.

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise garden with few seeds sprouted

Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise: Kids with a green thumb (or without) will enjoy growing with the magical seeds included in this gardening kit. It features a fairy, a house, and a unicorn to complete the setting, as well as a set of tiny tools to tend it all.

Suns rainbows unicorns amscan coloring activity sticker kit in pink carrying case with small markers

Amscan Travel Coloring Kits: These affordable kits come in a unicorn theme, too! With more coloring pages, four tiny markers, and two sets of stickers, they make great entertainment at home or on the go.

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