Great Battles for Boys Books

Great Battles for Boys WW2 in Europe book by Joe Giorello

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Bring History to Life for Kids

Great Battles for Boys WW2 in Europe book by Joe Giorello

  • What: Great Battles for Boys books
  • When: 8 to 12 years
  • Why: Action packed, interesting, true
  • Where: Amazon

Have a budding historical buff on your hands? Want to supplement your child’s history textbook learning with something a little less dry? Whether you have a battle enthusiast or a reluctant history student, check out Great Battles for Boys by Joe Giorello.

Great Battles for Boys: Ancient to Middle Ages book on Amazon

These books cover the biggest battles in the most intense conflicts. With six books ranging in topic from ancient times to both the European and Pacific fronts in World War II, these books bring learning to life. Each one features short, intense chapters with maps and illustrations to complete the story of some of the biggest battles of all time. At the end of each chapter, readers will find more resources to continue their learning about that specific battle, from books to movies to internet sites.

For example, World War II in Europe covers a wide range of battles, from famous conflicts that changed the trajectory of the war to little known battles fought between ordinary men and huge invading armies. Citing popular fictional figures such as James Bond and real life combatants, the book includes everything from strategy and tactics to amusing facts like armies using exploding rats as weapons.

Chapter beginning on Operation Torch from Great Battles for Boys WW2 Europe book by Joe Giorello
Each chapter contains illustrations and additional resources, like this one from WW2 Europe.

Everyone can find something fascinating in these historical reads. Choose from Ancients to Middle Ages, The Civil War, Bunker Hill to WWI, World War I, WW2 Europe, and WW2 Pacific. Each one comes packed with action, adventure, and tidbits aimed at elementary to middle-school aged readers. Pick one and bring the battle-packed action to your home.

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