Blanket Sleepers for Big Kids

Saint Eve Blanket sleepers for kids unicorn and star pattern with sparkles pajamas fleece onesies

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Cozy Cuddly Comfort

Blanket Sleeper 1

  • What: Blanket sleepers for big kids
  • When: 4 to 14 years
  • Why: Irresistibly cozy
  • Where: Amazon

Hands down, this Blanket Sleeper from St Eve has been the biggest holiday hit in our household. I can’t argue with my kids. If I had a fuzzy suit in my size, I would probably love it just as much.

St Eve Blanket Sleeper for Kids Wolf Pattern on Amazon

We got these suits on a whim from our local warehouse store while stocking up on toilet paper. Each super soft suit comes with a hood. The footless legs mean kids can wear it even longer, thanks to cuffs on the arms and legs that keep extra fabric from getting in the way. Sizes range from XS (which fits 4 and 5 year olds) to small (size 6), medium (size 7 to 8), large (size 10 to 12), and XL (size 14-16). My kids got these as gifts and have worn it every single day since receiving them. They only take them off under duress (or when we leave the house, which, let’s be honest, isn’t happening that often). 

Child wearing blanket sleeper fuzzy fleece onesie pajamas from Saint Eve in pastel rainbow unicorn pattern with sparkles
These fluffy suits look incredibly cute and feel even better.

Not only do the blanket sleepers wear well, they keep kids warm and toasty. As an added bonus, they look incredibly cute and come in a variety of styles. You can choose from a dinosaur, shark, wolf, leopard, unicorn, koala, and more. My youngest son used to refuse to get dressed and instead wandered the house with his favorite fuzzy blanket. He liked the feel of the soft fleece better than any clothes or pajamas I could find. Now, he wears this blanket sleeper instead, which has simplified everyone’s life. He no longer gets snagged on corners or toys on the floor, or gets separated from his blanket for everyday tasks like eating and brushing teeth. 

Child wearing blanket sleeper fuzzy fleece pajamas onesie while working with tools hammer nail
My kids wear their blanket sleepers all day long.

If I had known how much they would love them, I probably would’ve bought more. In fact, I still might. If you want something soft and cuddly for your child to wear at bedtime or any time of the day, grab one of these blanket sleepers in your child’s size. And maybe a spare to wear as well.

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