Anywhere Table Tennis

Portable Ping PongChampion Sports Anywhere Table Top Tennis ping pong set balls paddles net

  • What: Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Active fun, affordable, portable
  • Where: Amazon

My kids got this Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis set for the holidays, and I continue to be amazed by how much we all love it. 

Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Set on Amazon

While I had a ping pong table growing up, and loved it, we’ve never had the room for such a big setup, even after moving into a larger home. But this set works perfectly anywhere you can find a flat surface. The net extends up to 75 inches, and clamps onto the edge of most tables. That means you can play on your dining room table, coffee table, a card table, a picnic table – just about anywhere. 

Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis set up on coffee table portable ping pong
The net expands up to 75 inches to fit on a variety of table tops.

My kids love setting it up with the easy expanding net. Simply push on the blue buttons to lower the clamps and attach. The set includes two paddles and three balls as well as the net itself. It all stores easily in the included mesh bag to keep the pieces together when not in use. And the best part for parents? Kids have to clear off a surface to play. The amount of clutter on our coffee table has gone down dramatically, as they want to play regularly and have zero complaints about cleaning the table to make it happen.

Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis set up on coffee table as seen from above with paddles in blue and black and ping pong ball
We turn our coffee table into table tennis.

This set works great to get kids moving indoors and out. It also works for a wide range of ages, with zero literacy skills required. It helps improve hand eye coordination as well as counting skills if kids choose to keep score. If I had known it would be this much fun, and this popular, I would’ve gotten this set years ago.

Champion Sports table tennis expandable net attached to dining room table
The net easily fits across our dining room table, too.

Don’t delay your family’s fun. Grab a set for yourself or one to gift and bring new fun for all ages into your home.

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