Best of December 2020

Run Yourself Ragged obstacle marble game, Clue Junior, and Football peg game in stack on hardwood floor

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Games, Games, and More GamesRun Yourself Ragged obstacle marble game, Clue Junior, and Football peg game in stack on hardwood floor

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Games made the top three spots in last month’s rankings, and that comes as no surprise. By the end of the year, everyone wanted a little more fun in their lives. These popular, easy to learn games caught the attention of readers.

Clue Junior mystery deduction logic board game for kids

Clue Junior: This version of the classic game comes downsized just for kids. With minimal literacy skills required, kids young and old compete to discover who ate the cake, with what drink, and at what time. The first player to guess correctly wins. Players move the brightly colored characters from room to room collecting clues to solve the mystery. Handy picture clue sheets help even the youngest players eliminate options until they can end the hunt for hints.

Close up of wooden football peg game with red blue and green pegs in board

Football Peg Game: This tiny game offers all the fun of the big game on the field. The wooden pegboard comes printed with a play for each possible roll. Players take turns rolling dice and moving down the field. You can set a timer, agree to a number of turns, or play to a certain score. No matter how you choose to compete, you can’t go wrong getting your football fix in this tiny package.

Run Yourself Ragged marble obstacle game in box

Run Yourself Ragged: This classic game pits kids against the obstacle course. Players take turns guiding their marble through the twists and turns without falling off the course. Compete against the clock to improve your time, or take turns and see who can get the fastest time. This game levels the playing field for all ages, from toddlers to adults, with its variety of levers and buttons to push and deploy the moving parts.

Reversible Wrapping Paper: While reversible wrapping paper didn’t quite make the top three for December, it turned up just shy of the most popular rankings for the month. When you need to wrap a ton of gifts, you can’t go wrong with one paper with two different designs. I especially like the one with a holiday theme on one side, and a rainbow theme that works for birthdays and other gifting occasions on the other side. But no matter which type you choose, this paper simplifies wrapping, which can be handy year round.

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