Battleship Shots Game

Battleship Shots game close up

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Shoot to Sink

Battleship Shots game orange balls
  • What: Battleship Shots
  • When: 5 years and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, works for multiple ages
  • Where: Amazon

Battleship Shots has proved yet another surprise hit in our household. My kids, once they learned the basics, have returned to this holiday gift time and time again in just a few short weeks.

Battleship Shots on Amazon

Much like Anywhere Table Tennis, this game uses ping pong type balls. Based on the popular Battleship game, players take turns trying to sink each other’s ships. The catch? This time the ships can be easily seen. The trick? Players bounce or throw table tennis balls and get them to land in their opponents’ boats to sink them. But be careful! Your own shots can count against you if they land in your ships.

Battleship shots game set up with orange balls and red ball on side
Players take turns launching balls to try and hit their opponents’ ships.

The game includes fourteen orange balls that roll down the playing surface to return the balls or collect at the midline if they miss. Land in a plastic boat and get one step closer to winning. The first player to land a ball in a ship earns the red ball. Use the red ball to hit the single seater yellow life raft and win the game instantly, even without sinking any other ships. But watch out. If you miss, your opponent may get an opportunity to strike for the win, as either player can grab the red ball. Players can choose to toss their balls simultaneously or take turns.

Battleship Shots game close up
Each player gets three ships and one single ball yellow life raft.

This game comes with everything kids need to start playing. The board folds up to contain the playing surface, clear plastic backboard, the balls, and all eight boats. Kids can easily move it from place to place with the carrying handle. My kids play exclusively on the floor, but it would work well on a tabletop surface or anywhere else the balls can bounce. With minimal skill and lots of work, it evens the playing field for opponents of different ages, from preschooler to adult. 

Battleship Shots game packed inside carrying case
All the pieces pack neatly back into the carrying case for storage.

Make up your own rules or follow the ones included. Either way, kids can enjoy this fast-paced game with a simple strategy but hard to master skill.

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