Kinetic Sand Set

Sand That Sticks TogetherKinetic Sand Set suitcase carrying case castle building kit

  • What: Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box
  • When: 2 to 8 years
  • Why: Sensory, fun, easy to clean
  • Where: Amazon

Want to give your child the sensory satisfaction of playing in the sand without all the mess? Get a Kinetic Sand Set and let your child loose with this combination of sand and putty.

Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box Set on Amazon

The Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box comes with two pounds of sand that sticks together. That might sound like a lot of sand, but it provides only enough to build a couple walls or towers. The sand acts as a solid when you apply pressure, but will also ooze when gently handled. This sand kit comes with two tools for smoothing and shaping, as well as several molds to set the scene. Each mold features a pattern block on the top for decorating as well.

Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box Set castle building carrying case with sand tools and molds
The Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box includes all the tools and molds pictured here.

The entire set fits inside the plastic suitcase, which unfolds to act as a play surface. No need for a sensory table or outdoor area to enjoy this sand. Since it sticks together, it scatters much less and in bigger chunks, making cleanup up a breeze. Once kids finish, simply close the case and store it until the next time. The castle theme enchants any kid with visions of their own kingdom.

Kinetic Sand Folding Sand Box set with two pounds of sand, tools, and mold
The sand oozes when not tightly compressed.

The Rock Crusher Set works great for kids who enjoy construction. The sand has a thicker consistency with a bit more texture. The set includes a truck with a claw, a rock mold, a driver figurine, and a rock crusher machine for even more fun. All of it comes inside a printed cardboard box that opens to provide the play surface. Much like the plastic case, the box closes up to keep sand and toys safely inside once kids finish playing. 

Kinetic Sand Rock Crusher Kit on Amazon

No matter which set you choose, you can’t go wrong with this kinetic sand.

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