Magic Hands Massager

Magic Hands Massager in orange neoprene truMedic

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Happiness in a BoxMagic Hands Massager in orange neoprene truMedic

  • What: Magic Hands Massager
  • When: Tired and sore
  • Why: Soothe muscles, relax
  • Where: Amazon

I missed massages in 2020. I found no substitute for having someone soothe sore muscles (and spirits) especially during hard times. Yet thanks to the pandemic, this indulgence didn’t seem worth the risk. (And let’s be frank. Not many massages practitioners remained open during the worst of it.)

Magic Hands Massager on Amazon

So imagine my joy when I got a Magic Hands Massager for the holidays. This machine works wonders. I had no idea it existed, and I can’t say enough good things about it. While nothing beats the personal touch of an actual person, my husband isn’t quite the same as a trained professional. This happy-making device also means I don’t have to worry about asking too often.

Magic Hands Massager from truMedic in orange power and adjustment buttons
The massager comes with three buttons to control the power, direction of rotation, and heat.

The Magic Hands Massager looks strange but works wonders. It has three controls, making it easy to use. One button turns the unit on and off, one switches the direction of motion, and one turns off the heat function. Four round nodes massage your neck, shoulders, back, and anywhere else you care to try it. Despite the mechanical nature, this device actually feels like a real massage from a live human being. Use the straps to control the intensity of the massage. Whether you like it gentle and soothing to deep and invigorating, you get to choose.

This woman from the user’s manual doesn’t look nearly as happy as I do when I use my Magic Hands Massager.

Once you understand the design, you can use the device for up to twenty minutes at a time. That might not sound like much, but with a five minute break, you can have yourself a massage in the comfort of your own home as often as you like. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty priceless, especially in these days and times. It comes with a charger to make sure it remains available and ready to go whenever you need it. You can choose from three different colors – orange, blue, or green – which make no difference whatsoever to the quality of the massage you’ll receive.

Magic Hands massager from truMedid massage nodes turned on
The four nodes can rotate in either direction to give you a satisfying massage.

I have to admit that even my kids like it. I highly recommend using it at the end of the day while watching your favorite show or listening to a good podcast. If you also want to be the world’s best gift giver, get it for your significant other and see who enjoys it the most – you with your good karma and relaxed partner or the recipient with their aches and pains soothed.

While this product isn’t meant for kids, what parent or caregiver doesn’t deserve some self-care? Get your own Magic Hands Massager and see how happy you can be.

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