Let’s Go Fishin’ Game

Let's Go Fishin' game with fish in rotating pond

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  • What: Let’s Go Fishin’ game
  • When: 2 to 5 years 
  • Why: Fun, easy to play
  • Where: Amazon

Lots of kids love fishing. But if you don’t want to fight the weather or figure out all the gear for your little one (or deal with bait), get the joys of the catch without leaving home with Let’s Go Fishin’.

Let’s Go Fishin’ game on Amazon

In this game for young kids, players try to capture the most fish from the pond. The plastic fish feature mouths that open and close, while the pond slowly rotates. Players try to dangle their pole into an open mouth and keep it in place until the fish gobbles up the hook. Then they lift their fish free of the pond. Once all the fish get caught, players count their haul. The player with the most fish wins. Kids can play this game by themselves or with up to four players. It works great for increasing hand and eye coordination.

Let's Go Fishin' game from Pressman box rotating pond, fish in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue and four plastic fishing rods
The basic game comes with 21 fish that open and close their mouths as the pond rotates.

The fish come in five different colors, so kids can also try to catch all the fish of any given color without hooking a different shade. Or each player can fish for one type and see who finishes first. The four plastic fishing poles in two different colors even the playing field among siblings and others of different ages. You can also get a deep sea version with 42 fish to catch and two different speeds. If you give this game as a gift, be aware it requires one C battery to get the fun started.

If you want fewer batteries and a bit less noise in your household, you can try Melissa & Doug’s Magnetic Catch and Count Fishing Set. This set comes with ten numbered wooden fish in five different colors, along with two wooden fishing poles. Each pole has a magnet at the end of the string to catch the fish. Kids can use the spinner to decide which fish to catch, or just let their reels fly and see what jumps onto their hook. 

Get all the joys of fishing with none of the hassles with one of these fishing games for kids.

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