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Clue Junior Run Yourself Ragged child's face masks Driven Pocket series tiny trucks vehicles football peg game in stack

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Top Reads from a Wild YearClue Junior Run Yourself Ragged child's face masks Driven Pocket series tiny trucks vehicles

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What a year! Looking back at 2020, we’re not surprised that the most popular posts here at Practically Apparent included lots of kid-friendly games. In recognition of one heck of year, we’ve included the top five most popular posts from the last twelve months. In order of popularity, they are as follows:

Clue Junior game for kids in box

Clue Junior: No mystery here. Clue Junior took the number one spot with readers in 2020. This kid-friendly version of the classic game features the same color specific characters. (Hello Colonel Mustard!)  Players race around the board, moving any character they wish, to collect clues. The first player to correctly guess who ate the cake, with what drink, at what time, wins. With minimal reading skills and easy picture clue sheets, kids and adults can compete to solve the mystery.

Football peg game with green blue and red pegs inserted into wooden board and two purple dice

Football Peg Game: More readers must have missed seeing and playing football in real life, which explains the popularity of this tiny wooden game. Players take turns rolling dice. Each possible roll corresponds to a football play, from a first down to a touchdown, interception, and almost everything in between. Players of any age can enjoy the essence of football in a tiny package without ever leaving the house.

Driven Pocket Series set with blind box garages and connecting gray road pieces

Driven Pocket Series: These tiny vehicles continue to enchant readers. Each little truck comes packaged in a garage with a door that opens and closes. While you don’t know which vehicle hides inside, each one also includes multiple road pieces that connect to each other and the garage. Collect them all to expand your roads, or upgrade with one of their bigger sets.

Thirsties cloth diapers covers with inserts stacked on changing table

Velcro vs. Snaps: New to parenting and looking for information on cloth diapering? Lots of readers explored the pros and cons of Velcro and snap closures on cloth diaper covers and all-in-one designs. Get the lowdown and dirty on both in this post.

Run Yourself Ragged Screwball Scramble game green plastic board with orange accents marble challenge game

Run Yourself Ragged: This game of luck and skill rounds out the top five most popular posts. Players race to guide their marble through a series of obstacles controlled by a variety of levers. Kids can compete against each other to get the fastest time, or play on their own to master the easy to use but hard to perfect tasks as they move along the course.

Eight year old girl dressed up in ninja costume with black face mask

Costumes That Incorporate Face Masks: And because it wouldn’t be 2020 if face masks didn’t come up in the conversation, we’ve included the sixth most popular post. Whether you need a face mask your child won’t mind wearing quite so much, or a costume for a virtual party, look no further than this list of ideas to make face masks more fun.

Want to see if any of your favorites made the list in 2019? Check out the Most Popular 2019 posts, too.

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