Snap Circuits Arcade Set

Lights, Sound, ActionSnap Circuit Arcade STEM toy for kids learning science electrical

  • What: Snap Circuits Arcade
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Educational, fun, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Want to expand your kid’s knowledge of electric circuits? Or maybe you want your science lessons to have a bit more pizazz? Whether you want to introduce your child to the world of electricity or expand their knowledge, look no further than the Snap Circuits Arcade.

Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Exploration Kit on Amazon

Much like Snap Circuits Jr, the arcade set uses simple snap connectors on a clear plastic base arranged in rows and columns. Kids follow instructions to complete one of over 200 projects, from a home run derby to a spinning disco ball, siren sounds, and much more. With additional flash and bling, kids will enjoy lighting up circuits to activate their creations. The projects start with simple circuits and build up to complex projects requiring many different parts to complete.

Snap Circuits Arcade pieces in clear plastic organizer inside box
Each piece fits back into its designated spot inside the box when not in use.

Parents will need to provide three AA batteries to power the circuits. Pieces fit easily back inside the clear molded plastic tray inside the box when not in use. The box says it works for ages 8 and up, but my six year old also happily assembles circuits using the illustrated guide, despite his limited reading skills. 

Project 4 instructions from Snap Circuit Arcade instruction manual
The instruction manual includes steps for more than 200 projects.

With multiple switches, lights, and sounds available in this set, kids will enjoy harnessing the power of electricity to power their projects. 

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