Little Libraries, Big Heroes Book

Ordinary Turns ExtraordinaryLittle Libraries Big Heroes picture book by Miranda Paul about Todd Bol

  • What: Little Libraries, Big Heroes Book
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Inspirational, colorful, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Need inspiration for your kids? Whether you want to encourage them to pick up after themselves, or change the world, Little Libraries, Big Heroes by Miranda Paul focuses on the message that even ordinary people can make big changes.

Little Libraries, Big Heroes book on Amazon

This true story in picture book format starts with the trials of Todd Bol, who had trouble with reading in school. Yet he went on to found Little Free Libraries, and bring the gift of reading to people around the globe. The book focuses on how ordinary people can do extraordinary things, including a young girl in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and a teacher near the Mexican border.

Little Libraries, Big Heroes picture book by Miranda Paul
This picture book tells the true story of Todd Bol, founder of Little Free Libraries.

Follow the course of Todd’s dream and inspiration as he overcomes one challenge after another, and inspire your little one to make a big difference, whether at home or afar.

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