Big Blue Base Plate

Lego pet store on top of NILO building brick large blue base plate

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Bigger, Bolder Bases

NILO blue lego compatible building brick base plate 12 x 32 inches double sided
  • What: NILO Base Plates for Building Bricks
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Durable, broad age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

My kids got this big blue building brick base plate more than three years ago, and they still use it constantly. If you want a gift that keeps on giving, or even just a place to keep the LEGO creations contained, get a big base plate of your own.

NILO Blue Double Sided Building Brick Base Plates on Amazon

Our base plate measures 12 inches by 32 inches, giving the kids just shy of three feet of space to create. Even better, one side features Duplo connections, and the other works for regular LEGO, so it has transitioned with my kids over the years. You can also combine base plates to turn just about any surface into a Lego area. If your kids make the switch from wooden trains to building bricks, you can easily convert their train table into a LEGO creation station with the addition of these plates.

NILO big blue building brick Lego compatible base plate with kids' creations on top to make city
My kids use their big blue base plate to create a city with a pet shop, airport, and many other buildings.

Our base plate stores easily upright when tucked in next to furniture if they aren’t using it, which let’s be frank, is almost never. But if you prefer a more compact or portable solution, you can also get the same dimensions and double-sided features in a pliable version with this silicone mat.

Brick Building Play Mat by Amazon

My kids have fought epic battles between good and evil, colonized entire cities, and populated jungle river basins thanks to the space provided by this basic building plate. If you want to supercharge your kids’ creativity, or even contain their Lego explosions, look no further than one of these extra long base plates to do the job.

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