Rainbow Loom

Colorful Crafts for KidsRainbow Loom Mega Combo Set

  • What: Rainbow Loom Mega Combo Set
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Durable, creative, fun
  • Where: Amazon

Has your child been bit by the Rainbow Look craze? If you want to keep their hands busy with something besides a screen, this Rainbow Loom Mega Combo Set could be just the place to start. 

Rainbow Loom Mega Combo Set on Amazon

With this set, kids get 7,000 tiny rubber bands in 21 different colors. It also includes a mini loom, hook tool, 300 c-clips, 12 tiny clear plastic gift bags, and instructions for two different designs. The case doubles as an organizer for all the tiny parts and pieces. Use the tool to grab and interlink the plastic rubber bands to create bracelets, or link several creations together to make necklaces and more

The Mega Combo set comes with everything you see here.

Kids need a fair amount of patience and attention to detail to master the fine art of these tiny springy pieces. Hook the rubber bands over the posts on the clear plastic loom. Then grab the edges with the hook tool to interweave them. Kids can create countless unique combinations of colors and designs to wear themselves or gift to friends and family near and far.

You can make two different designs with the instructions included in this set.

The lightweight bands fit easily into envelopes for mailing, while the process itself can keep kids entertained and off screens. Once kids understand the basic pattern and motions, they can keep creating on their own. 

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