Classic Titles for Toddlers

Classic books for toddlers Richard Scarry Dr. Seuss Curious George Go Dog. Go! Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

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Books That Stand the Test of Time

    Classic books for toddlers Richard Scarry Dr. Seuss Curious George Go Dog. Go! Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

    • What: Classic Titles for Toddlers
    • When: 12 months to three years
    • Why: Beloved, iconic, fun
    • Where: Amazon

    Trying to keep a toddler entertained can sometimes feel like you’re reinventing the wheel on a daily basis. With high curiosity levels and short attention spans, keeping active and mobile kids calm and quiet, even for five minutes, can be a challenge. Parents for generations have depended on these classic reads to speak to their toddlers and keep their attention span from wandering. With more pages, lots of illustrations, and story lines and activities to interest even the most squiggly young child, these picture books get the job done.

    Dr. Seuss books Green Eggs and Ham Red Fish Blue Fish Fox in Socks

    Dr. Seuss Books: It doesn’t get much more classic than Green Eggs and Ham, or The Cat in the Hat. No matter which titles from the legendary Dr. Seuss you share with your child, the rhyming text, fun words, and whimsical illustrations are sure to delight.

    Richard Scarry books A Day at the Airport, Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, The Big Book of Things That Go

    Richard Scarry: Lowly Worm, Pickles Pig, and many other residents of Busy Town have entertained kids for generations. With a wide variety of titles to choose from, you can’t go wrong with these classic picture books.

    Go, Dog. Go!: Kids will delight in the variety of the dogs and their antics in P.D. Eastmann’s classic children’s tale. From day to night, and every time in between, these dogs will capture a child’s imagination.

    Curious George: How can one little monkey get in so much trouble? Find out what George is up to next in these classic stories from H.A. Rey. From the original book that begins in the jungle to all the ups and downs of city life, George covers everything from holidays to recycling

    Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus: Mo Willems delivers his classic take on a pigeon with big dreams. With high impact illustrations and feelings of frustration that every child can relate to, kids will love this tale of one determined fowl and his designs on the biggest vehicle on the block. Even better, catch the pigeon in other tales, too, once you’ve finished enjoying this installment.

    Looking for shorter reads for those shorter attention spans? Check out the Best Board Books for Toddlers.

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