Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day foam heart decorated with foam shapes eyes made by seven year old

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Embrace These Heartfelt Creations

Valentine's Day foam heart decorated with foam shapes eyes made by seven year old
  • What: Valentine’s Day Ideas
  • When: February 14th
  • Why: Easy, fun, affordable
  • Where: At home

Whether you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with your family, or sharing the love with a bigger community, these ideas will get the heartfelt creative juices flowing. From original creations that use building bricks with love, kids can craft these easy gifts and decorations themselves.

Lego Valentine's Day craft for kids classmates

Easy Lego Valentines: You don’t need expensive materials to make awesome Valentine gifts for kids. Simply package up the spare bricks you already own, or get a variety pack on Amazon and split it into smaller bags to share with the whole class.

Heart strands valentines kids homemade craft ideas

Valentine’s Day Supplies: Get everything you need to make your own Valentine’s Day decor and designs. From foam hearts and ways to use them to beads and bricks, you can’t go wrong with these materials.

Heart caterpillars homemade kid valentines cards heart shaped

Valentine’s Arts and Crafts: Want some ideas for projects your kids can make and share? Look no further than these inspirations for low budget, easy to make ideas to get you started.

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