Magnetic Tile Ball Run

Lukat magnetic tile pipe ramp toy building set

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Get the Fun Rolling

Magna tiles plus Lukat magentic pipes

  • What: Lukat Magnetic Pipes and Blocks Toy
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, compatible with other magnetic tiles
  • Where: Amazon

Do your kids love their Magna-Tiles as much as ours do? Want to reinvigorate their magnet tile creations? Whether your child is just getting started with magnet tile toys, or they’ve advanced to master building, this Lukat Magnetic Pipes and Blocks Toy will infuse their play with even more possibilities.

LUKAT Magnetic Tiles and Pipes Set on Amazon

This 125 piece set comes with standard magnetic tile squares with a twist. Each square has a round or octagonal opening in the center. The squares with round openings have small holes surrounding the circle. A selection of brightly colored ramps, turns, and twists can be attached on either side of any square with a round opening to create the ball run of their wildest dreams. Two curved pieces can be attached to form a pipe, and the set also comes with six balls, three of which light up when rolled. The translucent colors tiles and pipes let kids watch the action as the balls roll down their creations.

Lukat magnetic tile and plastic ramp connected
Each plastic ramp or pipe piece can connect to either side of the round opening in the magnetic square tiles thanks to small holes in the design.

Once kids master the connection process between the square tiles and the plastic pipe pieces, they have endless possibilities before them. The set also includes a selection of white plastic octagons that fit inside the openings of the other magnetic tiles. Some of these pieces can spin when balls roll through them, while others fill in the gap to make solid squares.  

Lukat magentic pipe ball run toy Magna-Tiles
White plastic pieces can be snapped into place into the octagon holes in the magnetic square tiles.

Kids can test their understanding of physics and physical forces as they build higher ramps and paths for balls to travel. The instruction manual doesn’t provide a lot of guidance since it doesn’t include step by step instructions. But it does offer a wide range of pictures for various creations, and lists the pieces needed to create each one.

Three kids playing with Lukat magnetic tiles pipes ball run toy
All three of my kids gravitate towards this pipes and ramps ball set.

My kids got this set as a gift for all three of them, at ages 6, 8, and 10. They’ve played with magnetic tile toys for years, and still love them. When this set arrived, they stopped playing a video game to build with this toy. The set comes with enough pieces that all three of them can play together, and the pieces work with our other Magna-Tiles, too.

different pieces included in Lukat magnetic tile pipe ball run Magna-Tile set
You get a variety of different pieces with this pipe and ramp set.

If you want to up your child’s magnetic tile game, you can’t go wrong with this set.

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