Projection Clock for Kids

Tell Time with EaseTime of day shown on ceiling by projection alarm clock

  • What: Ceiling Projection Alarm Clock
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Make clock numbers visible
  • Where: Amazon

Want to know one of the best items I’ve gotten in the past 18 months?I scored a ceiling projection alarm clock for my kids’ bedroom. I had an alarm clock with big numbers for more than twenty years that finally gave up the ghost. When I went shopping for a replacement, I stumbled upon the idea of this projection alarm clock.

YISSIVIC Projection Alarm Clock Radio on Amazon

While the exact model we got isn’t currently available, you can find many similar options on Amazon. Why would you want one? If you have kids who share a bedroom, or even a single child per room, this clock makes it easy for everyone to see the time. The red light projects the time onto the ceiling or any other surface it hits. It means I don’t have to find a spot where both the kids in their bunk bed can see and read the time. It also gives me a lot more flexibility on where to put the clock in their room. Now that we have one like this, I can’t imagine going back to one that can’t project.

Capello projection alarm clock
I love the simplicity of our Capello projection alarm clock with no radio, or other fancy features.

I haven’t used an alarm clock in years, thanks to having children who get up like clockwork themselves. Our projector on the clock can move both up and down and side to side to find the perfect spot. The entire clock itself is incredibly light, meaning I don’t worry about my kids getting injured if it should fall or they trip over the cord. A few buttons make it easy to reset the time with the twice-yearly time changes, and despite its small footprint, the numbers on the ceiling can be read with ease. The red color also shows up quite well in the dark without being bright enough to keep my kids awake. I love the simple features, uncomplicated display (so my kids don’t get confused by all the numbers), and the minimal number of buttons (so it’s less appealing to little hands) of our version.

Capella projection alarm clock time displayed on white ceiling over cubby shelves
Our projection alarm clock shows up even during the day with the curtains closed, and on our slanted ceiling.

If you want to simplify your life, get a projection alarm clock sooner rather than later.

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