More Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Keep the Fun Times RollingGames for toddlers and preschoolers stacked on shelf

  • What: More games for toddlers and preschoolers
  • When: 2 to 6 years
  • Why: Fun, entertaining, build basic skills
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for more games to keep your little ones entertained? If you’ve exhausted all the games you already own for toddlers, try one of these options to keep your tiny tot entertained without resorting to more screen time. None of them require any literacy skills to play.

Let's Go Fishin' game with fish in rotating pond

Let’s Go Fishin’: In this battery operated game, players try and catch the plastic fish as they rotate in the pond. Each fish opens and closes its mouth to make it more challenging. Kids can compete to collect the most fish, or try and catch a single color the fastest.

Bed Bugs game by Hasbro bed with 36 plastic bugs in green, yellow, and blue with blue overszied tweezers

Bed Bugs: Kids use a color-coded pair of tweezers to try and capture all their plastic bed bugs, which vibrate and bounce thanks to the batteries underneath the cardboard bed. The game goes fast, and helps kids improve their hand eye coordination as well as practice their pencil grip. But kids won’t notice learning these skills as they race to catch the tiny bugs.

Hi Ho! Cherry-O game for preschoolers with red bucket, board, box lid, and spinner

Hi Ho! Cherry-O: Kids take turns collecting and counting the fruit in their basket in this updated classic. Each type of fruit goes into the color-coordinated bucket, which also fits into the cardboard inset into the game box. With a cooperative and competitive option, kids can compete against themselves or race against the puzzle for the win.

Count Your Chickens mother hen on board in front of box cooperative board game for young kids by Peaceable Kingdom

Count Your Chickens: In this cooperative game, players move along the track to collect escaped chicks as they go. Captured chicks get returned to the mother hen waiting in the coop. A spinner determines how many chicks each child can collect per turn, which means kids work on their counting skills and matching the images on the spinner to the pictures on the track on the board. Although it contains lots of little pieces, the directions come printed directly on the box to simplify playing.

Labyrinth: This game offers a little more challenge for those kids ready for it, and works well for playing with older siblings. Each player takes turns collecting the treasures shown on their cards and navigating the moving maze of tiles to reach those items. The first person to collect all their treasures wins. But watch out! The extra tile can be inserted along the edges to move the tiles on the board, and change the path along the way. 

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