Calico Critters Collection

Calico Critters for sale on shelves at craft store

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Expand and Accessorize Your Critter World

Calico Critters shelves at craft store

  • What: Calico Critters Collection 
  • When: 3 to 12 years 
  • Why: Durable, cute, expansive
  • Where: Amazon or

Whether you’re new to Calico Critters or want to expand your village, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a small sample of the different types of toys and accessories you can get with these fuzzy little animals.

Calico Critters hopscotch rabbit and school lunch bear on second floor of cozy cottage

Critters: Calico Critters themselves come in a wide variety of animal families, with sizes ranging from babies to kids and adults. Each animal comes dressed in tiny removable clothes that are interchangeable among the same size critters, though you may encounter some anatomical difference, especially in the tail department, with certain species. Pick your child’s favorite critter to start or add to your village with the wide assortment.

Calico Critters cozy cottage set up with animals and furniture

Houses: You can get a wide variety of habitats for all your critters, from the fun-filled tree house to the standard cottage. If you have an urban dweller, you can get a townhouse or go for the lap of luxury with the Deluxe Celebration Home on Amazon. No matter which home you choose, your critters can enjoy a life of ease and comfort.

Calico Critters sitting at pink table with School Lunch Set

Accessories: Once you establish your home, you’ll want to furnish it. From sets organized by room, like the bedroom or kitchen options, to tiny accessories like the lunch set, you can get a wide variety. 

Calico Critter Sylvanian Country Tree School with rabbit reacher and three bear students at desks

Buildings: Homes aren’t the only options in this busy village. From the country school to ice cream parlors, restaurants, and clothing stores, everything any critter can need is easily at hand. Need to restock the kitchen pantry? Head to the grocery store. Sick of being stuck at home? Take the kids to the playground or the fair.

Calico Critters seven seater family car

Vehicles: When Critters need to go, there’s a vehicle to get them there. From the cherry cruiser family car, to the camper and the school bus, there’s a vehicle for every need. These vehicles come with the features you know and love in Critter sets, from movable seats to opening doors and extra storage space. When your animals need to hit the road, make sure they do it in style thanks to these options.

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