Leg Warmers 

American Apparel long leg warmer in navy worn over striped socks and black joggers

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Toasty Equals HappyAmerican Apparel long leg warmer in navy worn over striped socks and black joggers

  • What: Leg Warmers
  • When: Any age
  • Why: Keep legs warm and dry
  • Where: Amazon

One day at the end of last year, sitting around the house, my legs got cold. In a fit of pique, I ordered a pair of leg warmers online. I figured if my infants and eight year old could pull off leg warmers, so could I. And let’s be honest. Who do I even see these days? Warm legs won.

American Apparel Women’s Long Leg Warmers on Amazon

I am astonished at how often I use these leg warmers. They are worth every penny I spent, which at $15 wasn’t that much to begin with. They are warm, comfortable, and they go with almost everything. They work great on walks outdoors to keep my legs warm and dry without overheating. They keep even torrential rains from soaking my pants underneath. Because they can come up over the knee, the majority of my legs stay dry, so I end up with less laundry to do, always a win. I have worn them in the snow to keep my legs toasty and have zero complaints. Despite the fabric, they seem to repel both snow and water. Or maybe they get soaked but it doesn’t go through to my pants or skin. Either way, they work wonders.

Woman cross country skiing while wearing long leg warmers from American Apparel
I wore these navy leg warmers cross-country skiing on a sunny day and they were perfect (though you can hardly see them as they blend in so well).

I wear them with rain boots, snow boots, and pretty much everything in between. They pair perfectly with leggings and a dress for colder days but go over skinny jeans and joggers equally as well. They can be worn under bulkier layers like snow pants so I can spend time out in the snow playing with my kids without getting cold feet. They also double as boot liners, meaning I can wear them underneath my knee high boots that don’t otherwise have enough insulation for colder months.  They come in a variety of colors including black, navy, pink, red, and zebra, so you can get your favorite. They go on with ease, even over shoes in a pinch. Whether you spend a lot of quality time on the floor playing with your infant and toddler or just want to stay warm when out and about with older kids, these leg warmers do the job.

American Apparel long leg warmers folded in half
I wear these navy long leg warmers from American Apparel constantly.

If you want to keep your legs warm and happy, don’t hesitate to get a pair of your own. Even if you don’t love them as much as I do, you’ll get your money’s worth in only a few wearings.

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