Pocket Projector

Anywhere AnimationAsus Zenbeam E1 mini pocket projector projecting Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch game onto blinds

  • What: Asus Zenbeam E1 Portable Mini Pocket Projector
  • When: 2 to 99 years
  • Why: Multi use, versatile, compact
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a luxury item your whole family can enjoy? Take movie night to a whole new level and location thanks to the Asus Zenbeam E1 pocket projector. This tiny projector does a mighty job.

Asus Zenbeam E1 Portable Mini Projector with Speakers on Amazon

Want to host an outdoor movie night? No problem. It can run on batteries for up to five hours, meaning no cords necessary. That gives you a lot more options on when and where to project, from a bedroom for a fun spin on family movie night to the exterior house wall for an outdoor extravaganza with friends or neighbors. Worried everyone won’t be able to hear? That’s not a problem thanks to the projector’s built-in speaker. The display ranges from 32 inches all the way up to 120 inches with perfect clarity, meaning you can choose the size that’s right for your viewing.

Asus Zenbeam E1 pocket projector projecting Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch game onto closed blinds
We use our projector for family movies and video games, so everyone can see the action. Our blinds and walls double as projector screens.

Yet all this power fits neatly into the tiny case, which measures 4.3 inches by 3.27 inches – smaller than the average paperback book. It can connect to smartphones, PCs, and even streaming services to showcase your favorite home videos or the hottest new Netflix series. Even better, it doubles as an external battery to charge all your devices, even while connected and projecting. You will probably need an extra cable to connect the Zenbeam to the device of your choice, but even with that purchase, this projector packs a lot of punch into a small package well worth the price point.

Bring even more fun to your next family movie night or other event by taking the picture anywhere you want to go!

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