Diamond Painting Art Stickers

5D Diamond art sticker craft project for kids supplies rhinestones in bag with sticker sheet and tool

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Tiny Dot Sticker Craft

5D Diamond Painting art sticker completed dragon in green and purple

  • What: Diamond Painting Art Stickers
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Intricate, fun, shareable
  • Where: Amazon

Need an art project for your detail-oriented child to complete? Maybe you want to improve your child’s hand eye coordination, or even just have a quiet activity for them to work on at their leisure. For older kids, try Diamond Painting Stickers.

5D Diamond Painting Kits for Kids on Amazon

This kit comes with 10 stickers. Kids decorate them with minuscule shiny colored bits in 10 different colors using the sticky pen to place them and a tray to hold the pieces. Once finished, the stickers can attach to any hard surface for decorations. They make great gifts, and can easily be mailed to friends and family near and far. You can get cute animals, sea world, or super hero themes for the stickers.

Child working on art project diamond painting
These stickers come with tons of tiny pieces that can easily get dropped.

This craft project works best when contained, so consider using a cookie sheet to keep tiny pieces from getting all over surfaces and out of littler hands. One sticker can be completed in around half an hour, making this an easy project to fill some spare time. Combined, kids can spend an entire afternoon involved in decorating the color-coded stickers. Younger kids will need more hands-on help to complete the project. You can also get different sets with more stickers.

5D Diamond Painting Art stickers
Each sticker comes numbered and colored to show with the exact color of rhinestone to add.

If you want a project for your kids to complete, check out Diamond Painting Art Stickers, and get as few or as many as it takes to keep them entertained.

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