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More Than Motherhood

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  • What: The Mom Edit
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Broad coverage tailored for parents
  • Where: The Mom Edit

Stuck in a style rut? Looking for some hints to clothes suitable for parents, whether you stay at home or hit the road? Look no further than the team at The Mom Edit, a website dedicated to shopping and lifestyle updates for moms.

Screenshot from The Mom Edit website
The Mom Edit covers all sorts of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

While I only recently discovered The Mom Edit this past fall (when I couldn’t fathom what to wear for the holidays when the holidays had effectively been cancelled), the site has existed much longer, doling out style advice and much more for moms everywhere. Stuck at home? They have a section for that. Looking for gift guides? They’ve got you covered. Want tips and tricks for home decor? You can find that, too. Although my wardrobe budget doesn’t begin to rival theirs, they do a great job offering similar options at more price points. 

I’ve been delighted to see more contributors in a range of skin tones and sizes, too. If you need help breaking out of your mom jeans, or just want to keep up with the latest, look no further than The Mom Edit.

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