Gorilla Pod

Get the Best ShotJOBY Gorilla Pod set up on uneven rocky ground

  • What: JOBY Gorilla Pod Tripod
  • When: Pregnancy to college
  • Why: Portable, versatile, lightweight
  • Where: Amazon

Want to get the best photos of your little one? Forget the selfie stick and go straight for a JOBY Gorilla Pod. This flexible tripod lets anyone get great shots almost anywhere.

JOBY Gorilla Pod on Amazon

From the floor to outdoors, the bendable legs of the Gorilla Pod make getting a stable shot easy. It can attach to almost anything, from bike handlebars to door handles and tree branches. Thanks to the three legs, it can also stand on its own on almost any surface, level or not. Simply bend or twist the tripod stand to get the angle you need, and never miss a moment again.

JOBY gorilla pod attached to tree branch
The Gorilla Pod can attach securely to just about anything, from trees to ladders and much, much more.

The Gorilla Pod also works great with video cameras and pocket projectors, as well as most smart phones and digital cameras. You can get Gorilla Pods that can hold 1kg, 3 kg, or 5 kg, depending on your exact needs, though 1 kg is generally enough for most basic equipment. You can also purchase a Gorilla Pod Pro, which comes with a clamping mount to keep your phone and other expensive devices even more secure.

JOBY Gorilla pod flexible tripod attached to Asus Zenbeam E1 pocket projector to
Our Gorilla pod attaches to our pocket projector to get the right height for projecting onto almost any surface.

We’ve used our Gorilla Pod for years, for everything from filming birthday parties and holidays, to taking group photos and projecting movies. The lightweight tripod folds down to fit into most bags and sets up in seconds without adding extra bulk. Whether you need a lightweight stand or an extra pair of hands to get the best shots, the Gorilla Pod makes it happen.

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