Cutetitoes burrito wrapped surprise stuffed animals blind bag

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Unwrap the Love

Cutetitoes burrito wrapped surprise stuffed animals blind bag

  • What: Cutetitos Stuffed Animals
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Adorable, affordable, collectible
  • Where: Amazon

If your house looks anything like ours, then the last thing you need is more stuffed animals. Yet I can’t help but recommend the super soft and cuddly Cutetitos.

Cutetitos Surprise Stuffed Animals on Amazon

These small stuffed creatures come wrapped in a burrito. Currently on their fifth series, which features a pizza theme, each animal retails around $10. With twelve animals in each series, you never know which one you will unwrap. The animals come hidden inside a tortilla (or in this case, pizza crust), waiting for you to discover your newest buddy.

pyramid of Cutetitoes stuffed animals
Collect all the Cutetitos in one series or as many as you like.

Much like Beanie Babies, each animal has its own birthday. Each one also comes with a spicy rating from mild to super spicy. Kids love to snuggle the super soft fabric used to craft both the animal and the wrap, which closes with Velcro. With stitched-on eyes and other features, these sweet animals work for young kids, too, with no concerns about choking hazards. The series changes fast, with more than one set debuting each calendar year. In about two years, they’ve manufactured five series, and the first one can be hard to find.

Luckito Catito Cutetitoes surprise stuffed animal laying on tortilla blanket with info card
Each Cutetitos comes with a wrappable blanket, a meter rating patch, and a card with all its info.

Series one and two came in plain tortillas, while series three was the first to include a color-coded lining inside the tortilla to match the spice level. In series four, the only scented series, the inside of the wrap came printed with one of four different types of fruits. And now in series five, the wrap comes as one of four popular pizza flavors. Each animal comes with a card that shows their name, type, birthday and spice, fruit, or cheese meter, depending on the series.

Kids can find one to love or try and collect them all. Full confession: I’m not sure who loves Cutetitos more, my kids or me. I have my own collection of these adorable wrapped stuffed animals, which I generously “share” with my children. Find your child’s favorite and wrap up the cuteness with Cutetitos.

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