Mifold Hifold Booster Seat

Mifold Hifold highback belt positioning booster car seat portable compact

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Compact Highback Booster Car Seat

Mifold Hifold highback belt positioning booster car seat portable compact
  • What: Mifold Hifold Booster Seat
  • When: 5 to 8 years
  • Why: Compact, portable, narrow
  • Where: Amazon

A portable new belt-positioning booster seat has hit the market. If you travel with your kids, have extended family who help with childcare, or just want a narrow booster seat for less than $150, check out the Mifold Hifold Highback Booster Seat.

Mifold Hifold Fit and Fold Highback Booster Seat on Amazon

This new booster seat folds up for compact carrying. It can fit under the seat in an airplane, meaning you don’t have to check your car seat and fret about it not showing up at your destination. The Mifold only works for kids ready to use a seat belt rather than a five-point harness. 

With a weight range from 40-100 pounds and height requirements of 44 to 59 inches, the Hifold adjusts height and width to fit more kids properly. You can change the width of the seat bottom, chest area, and headrest to get a custom fit. The downside? Parents have to make more adjustments, and it can be trickier to install than regular highback boosters. It also does not have LATCH, so it has to be buckled in when kids aren’t using it to avoid becoming a projectile in the case of an accident. But the small size and portability offset some of these disadvantages.

While we rarely write about any products we don’t own, this car seat seemed worth sharing. It has better safety ratings than the original Mifold booster seat, which doesn’t include a highback and has issues with belt placement across kids’ hips for many children. We own a Ride Safer travel vest, which fits the bill for us. With our kids at ages six, eight, and ten, we don’t need another travel booster option. But if you don’t already own something portable or narrow, it’s worth exploring the Mifold Hifold highback booster seat.

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