Pictionary Game

Pictionary original drawing board game for the family

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Drawing Duel

Pictionary original drawing board game

  • What: Pictionary board game
  • When: 6 years and up
  • Why: Practice skills, fun for the whole family
  • Where: Amazon

Despite the overwhelming number of games we own, the other night after dinner we went looking for a quick and easy game the whole family could enjoy. We wanted a game we could all enjoy without choosing among our three kids’ favorites (and therefore causing someone to have a total meltdown and end the fun for everyone). Thus we whipped out our ancient copy of Pictionary.

Pictionary Game on Amazon

Neither of us adults had played this game in so long we had to read the directions to remember the rules. But I’m so glad we did. Because the normal game works with a minimum of four people in two teams, we switched it up. Instead of competing, we all played on the same team and passed around the job of drawing. It went so well that by the last two rounds when we ran low on time, we let the kids do all the drawing because they each wanted “one more turn.”

Pictionary category cards on t
Choose the word from the color category that matches the square on the game board.

In Pictionary, you roll the dice, land on a colored space, and choose a card. Using the word on the card that corresponds to your color square on the board, you get a set amount of time to draw, prompting your team to guess the correct word. People drawing can’t talk, and there are a bunch of other rules about what is and isn’t allowed (no letters or numbers) but this game can easily be adjusted to fit your family.

I had so much fun and was amazed at my kids’ skill! Everyone playing needs to be able to read the words on the card, though we told our kids if they didn’t know the word, to draw another card until they got one they recognized. With hundreds of cards to choose from, that wasn’t an issue. You could help younger kids by reading the word for them, but that would eliminate the helper from guessing. If you have more than one team, that poses no problem as someone from the opposing team can help the youngest with their reading skills.

The game comes with hundreds of category cards.

The newer version of the game includes dry erase markers and small boards for drawing, making it even better for kids and adults alike. It also comes with different levels of clue cards, 120 for adults, and 80 junior level clues, to even the playing field. The brightly colored board makes it more appealing to younger kids, too.

Move along the track on the board to try and reach the end. Or if, like us, you have limited time to fill, see how far you can get in the allotted time. No matter how you choose to play, the entire family will get a kick out of trying to draw a variety of things. As an added bonus, kids get practice reading and writing, all without knowing they are practicing valuable skills. Next time you need a game everyone can enjoy, whip out your best drawing skills and see who can guess the correct answer.

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