Best of February 2021

Something For All Ages and StagesClue Junior board game for kids sitting in Diono Cambria

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  • When: February 2021
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February may have been a short month, but readers still found lots to love. You’ll see some old favorites as well as new contenders in this mix of subjects and age ranges for the shortest month of the year. 

Clue Junior game for kids in box

Clue Junior: This game continues to garner a lot of views, thanks in part to its classic appeal to parents and wide age range for kids. With minimal reading skills required, kids compete to solve the mystery of who ate the cake, at what time, and with which drink. Any player can move one of the six brightly colored figures around the board to collect clues. Use the included picture-based clue sheets to eliminate the options and reach the correct conclusion to win the game.

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap diaper cover shown fastened without a baby in it in big city print

Velcro vs. Snaps: Parents new to cloth diapers want to know which fastener works better. And you can get the lowdown on both here, including the pros and cons of each type of cloth diaper closure. Find out which type might work better for your baby with this insightful guide to all the options.

Diono Cambria 2 belt positioning booster car seat for kids installed in second row captain's chair of 2012 Mazda5

Diono Cambria Booster Seat: Got a bigger kid you want to keep safe in the car? Look no further than this affordable belt-positioning booster seat. The LATCH option means no fretting about whether my child remembered to buckle the seatbelt after reaching our destination. With its easy installation, bright colors, and kid friendly features, parents and kids alike will enjoy using this seat.

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