Dory Fantasmagory Books

Dory Fantasmagory book one chapter book for kids by Abby Hanlon

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Where Imaginations Run Wild

Dory Fantasmagory book one chapter book for kids by Abby Hanlon
  • What: Dory Fantasmagory books
  • When: 6 to 8 years
  • Why: Fun, entertaining, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for more fun books for your child to read? Meet Dory Fantasmagory. This six-year-old dominates the pages of the series of five chapter books by writer and illustrator Abby Hanlon.

Dory Fantasmagory book on Amazon

Dory, the youngest of three siblings, just wants to be included. She relies on her vivid imagination for lots of adventure, including her fairy godmother, Mr. Nuggy, and Mary, her best friend and monster who lives under her bed. Nicknamed Rascal, Dory gets into and out of all sorts of scrapes, at home, at school, and almost anywhere she goes. Her nemesis, Mrs. Gobble Gracker, wants to capture her, but she has big plans to avoid that. 

Page with text and illustrations from Dory
Large text and frequent illustrations make this series great for kids new to chapter books.

With frequent illustrations and never a dull moment, from temper tantrums to playing pretend, follow along with all Dory’s adventures in this five books series. You can buy books individually, or get a boxed set of the first four titles on Amazon. No matter which one you choose, your child will be entertained by the antics in these beginner chapter books.

Enjoy all five books in the series.

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