Ninja Obstacle Course

Climb, Swing, and HangBranton Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for kids set up along fence in backyard climbing net

  • What: Ninja Obstacle Course
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Promotes physical activity, compact 
  • Where: Amazon

With warmer weather moving in, it’s time to get outside and play. If you don’t want to haul the kids to the park, and enjoy the peace and quiet while they play outdoors, consider investing in a Ninja Slackline.

Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids on Amazon

Even if your little one doesn’t love ninjas, they will still get a kick out of all the options in this set. With ten obstacles to overcome, kids can swing, climb, hover, and more to get their wiggles out. Thanks to the sturdy line, it works with a wide range of ages. Set the main line lower for younger kids, and move it up as they grow. Unlike with wooden playground sets, you can easily store the entire setup during colder months. And it takes up less space than traditional playgrounds, making it great for smaller yards, or even along sidewalks in front of houses.

Branton ninja slackline warrior obstacle course set up in backyard
You can choose the correct length for your yard, and the obstacles in this course can be placed anywhere along the main line.

The ten accessories, including two monkey bars, a swing, climbing net, and rings, can be placed anywhere along the main line. You can use some or all of the accessories, or save some to switch it up and keep it interesting. Add accessories as your kids grow, or let them design their own course to complete. You will need sturdy objects to anchor the line, so make sure you have a place and way to hang the set. 

If you want to get your kids out the door and into the sunshine, get your own ninja slackline set today.

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