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Home haircut supplies laid out on toilet seat scissors, towel, hair clip, Kindle

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Home haircut supplies laid out on toilet seat scissors, towel, hair clip, Kindle

  • What: Home haircuts
  • When: Hair gets out of hand
  • Why: Free, easy to schedule, quick
  • Where: At home

I’ve been cutting my kids’ hair since their very first haircuts, more than seven years ago.

But I got lucky. My firstborn has curly hair, so you can’t really go wrong with any haircut. I did the bowl cut approach with him for years, which made a nice soft intro into home haircuts. He couldn’t stand the sound of buzzers and was terrified of scissors, so there was no way he would go to a stranger for a haircut. My second child had hardly any hair, and to this day we’ve only ever cut her bangs. YouTube provided an excellent tutorial on bang trims, and we are done with one simple snip.

My firstborn had curly hair, which made cutting his hair super simple as you couldn’t really mess it up.

Then came my third child, the first one to have hair much before age three. His straight hair required a little more finesse, so I again turned to YouTube. With a little help from the internet, he’s had countless home haircuts as well. Because I have paired haircuts with screens to get my kids to sit still for the process, they still ask me for haircuts on a regular basis even when they don’t otherwise need one.

My youngest child has no shortage of straight hair. Here’s his before photo.

Fast forward to quarantine. Unlike many parents, I’ve had no trouble keeping up with my kids’ grooming needs during the pandemic. But I’ve never extended myself the same courtesy, in part because it seemed really hard to cut your own hair when you couldn’t see it. Since I didn’t trust anyone in my household with a pair of scissors and my own hair, my hair got longer. And longer.

Child laughing after haircut shor
He loves his new short haircut, and boy, what a difference!

At a year into the pandemic, after talking to a friend who couldn’t take it any longer, I finally bit the bullet and had a home haircut myself. It felt like the perfect time to give it a try. I found my long hair super annoying on a daily basis. I never see anyone outside my household, so it didn’t matter what my hair looked like. And even if I go back to the hairdresser, it won’t be an issue. 

I got out my scissors and searched YouTube and I am so thrilled! I had no idea a haircut could be so liberating. Now I freely admit I don’t get frequent haircuts even without a pandemic. It isn’t unusual for me to go a year between visits to the salon. But after almost 18 months, I felt desperate to get my hair out of my way. I used the front ponytail trick and snipped about four inches off the ends. 

My ten year old before his latest haircut.

I liked it so much, I immediately cut some more off. When that didn’t get the back as short as I wanted, I tried again with the ponytail further back on my head. While that may have been a mistake, I still had the scissors in my hand. Instead of feeling bad that I hadn’t communicated exactly how long I wanted my hair to be to another person, I just kept going until I was happy with the results. Actually, I took a fifteen minutes break between attempts two and three, but still wanted shorter hair. 

The same kid after his haircut.

This method may not work if your hair is short enough that you can’t get a ponytail at your forehead. But if your hair has grown out and you are sick of twisting it into knots to stay out of the way, or it tangles at night, you can get a great cut for nothing on your own schedule. (I did try to trim the back, and I wouldn’t recommend that approach. It’s nearly impossible to cut a straight line when you can’t see the back of your head, and looking in a mirror doesn’t help much.)

My new self-inflicted hair cut.

The best part? Anytime I want to change it, I can. It may not be professional, but I am so much happier and I feel zero guilt. (I have been known to leave a salon and go home and snip some extra bits just to avoid hurting the feelings of the hairdresser.) Even better, I know that anytime it gets annoying, I can fix the problem with no wait and no worries. In fact, I might do it again tomorrow just for the satisfaction.

If you’re like me and have been holding out, I’m here to say give it a try. I cannot express how much happier I feel. 

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