Affordable Face Masks for Kids

Old Navy pleated style face coverings for kids with and without earpiece adjustors

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Get Kids Covered for Less

Old Navy non-medical grade three layer face masks for kids five pack
  • What: Face masks for kids
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Affordable and reusable
  • Where: Old Navy

Looking for a good deal on kid-sized face coverings? After more than a year, even our reusable kid face masks have started wearing thin. Rather than spend a fortune replacing them, I found a great deal at Old Navy.

Back at the beginning of the pandemic, we couldn’t find kid-sized face masks anywhere. We ended up sewing them instead. Once smaller sizes hit the market, I stocked up. But even our trusty Cat & Jack styles from Target have started to show signs of wear and tear after being worn hours every day for more than six months. On top of that, my ten year old had outgrown or stretched out their one size fits all kids’ masks. 

Old Navy face masks for kids come with and without ear adjustors.

Enter Old Navy. I had heard they had kid masks, but I hadn’t set foot inside a store in months and months. Lo and behold, they have oodles of options. Their kid masks come in a variety of patterns and styles. You can get pleated ones with elastic bands. You can get the same pleated style with sliding earpiece adjusters, which work great for smaller or growing kids. You can also get a variety of masks printed with your child’s favorite characters. And they stock critter masks in the non-pleated style year round. The wide selection means you can find a style for almost any kid.

And the prices can’t be beat. Their five pack of masks retails for $12.50, bringing the price per mask to around $2 each. Catch them on sale and save even more. In mid-March I scored masks at buy one pack get one 50 percent off and a couple days later got them for $4 for packs of five masks.

Whether you need to restock your supply or your kids (finally!) get to go back to school and other activities in person, and you want to keep them covered without breaking the bank, check out the selection at Old Navy.

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