Easter Alternatives to Candy

Play-doh Easter eggs Tom Nook Animal Crossing sticker Lego figures and pieces Hermione Grainger Harry Potter miniature figure coins spring sticker sheets

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More Fun With Less Sugar

Play-doh Easter eggs Tom Nook Animal Crossing sticker Lego figures and pieces Hermione Grainger Harry Potter miniature figure coins spring sticker sheets
  • What: Easter Egg Alternatives to Candy
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fits in plastic eggs
  • Where: At home

With Easter and all its trapping right around the corner, you may be looking to fill your child’s basket with something other than sugar. Perhaps food allergies or dietary restrictions keep you from standard candid contents. If so, consider one (or all!) of the options below to give them lots of treats that will last long past the sugar rush.

Yellow and pink Play-Doh in plastic Easter eggs and tiny container

Play-Doh: The small containers of Play-Doh work great for stuffing Easter eggs. You can get a variety of colors of the tiny containers from Amazon and stuff the dough into almost any egg, big or small. Or save yourself some work, and get the dough already neatly packed in egg-shaped containers.

Harry Potter figure blind bag and Hermione Grainger figure Driven Pocket Series garages bulldozer and blue tractor with trailer attached

Blind Bags: Blind bags come in a wide variety of options, and the tiny contents work perfectly for Easter egg stuffing. From the Driven Pocket series, tiny Thomas trains, My Little Pony, to L.O.L. and Harry Potter, almost anything comes packed in these small bags and boxes.

Three plastic Easter eggs filled with different colors of Playfoam

Playfoam: Don’t want the mess of Play-Doh? Try playfoam instead. This moldable mixture of slime and tiny foam dots makes for lots of sensory fun. You can buy a big batch and stuff it into lots of eggs, or get smaller packs in various colors. You never have to worry about playfoam drying out and its non-stick surface means less mess.

LEGO figures and brick pieces

Lego: If your child loves Lego, this holiday is a great time to get them a set. You can hide pieces in individual eggs. Once they find them all, they can build their creations. Choose from basic bricks or get a box and split up the pieces. Just make sure you know where you hide all the eggs so you don’t end up missing that one crucial piece at the end of the day.

Coins: If you have loose change lying around, you can fill eggs with them. Kids can enjoy dropping their stash into their piggy banks afterwards. Or take a trip to the store and let them choose their own reward. 

Spring stickers Easter and Animal Crossing stickers Tom Nook

Stickers: Stickers come in almost every theme imaginable and weigh next to nothing. Cut sheets into the correct size for your eggs, or get individual stickers. As an extra bonus, these eggs may feel empty, and don’t make any noise when shaken, so they work great for kids who don’t like loud noises or anytime you need a quieter hunt and dumping of contents. Whether it’s Animal Crossing, Star Wars, or a certain type of animal, you can find stickers for whatever your child enjoys.

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