Easter Mad Libs

Easter Mad Libs easter basket shaped fill in the blank word game pad

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Hopping Good Fun

Easter Mad Libs easter basket shaped fill in the blank word game pad
  • What: Easter Mad Libs
  • When: 3 years and up
  • Why: Fun, educational, entertaining
  • Where: Amazon

Want to inject a little more fun into your Easter celebrations this year? Maybe you want an activity the entire family can enjoy, whether everyone is together in person or meeting up virtually. If so, get your paws on Easter Mad Libs.

Easter Basket Mad Libs on Amazon 

This seasonally themed pad takes the fun of Mad Libs and adds an Easter spin. From bunnies to flowers, adults and kids of all ages can enjoy filling in the blanks, then reading the short stories out loud. Want everyone to get in on the action? Each page comes with a list of types of words needed, where the person writing can’t see the sentences either. Everyone can take turns contributing certain parts of speech, or yell them out and pick your favorite.

Any number of people can play to fill in the blanks.

No matter how you elect to do it, the hilarity will get everyone roaring with laughter. The introduction includes a brief review of the various terms you need to know, such as noun, verb, adjective, and other parts of speech. Kids won’t notice the learning built into this activity as they listen to the final version. Even kids who can’t read or write can enjoy shouting out words, while older kids get practice with spelling and parts of speech.

word list for Easter Mad Libs page example
If you don’t want to ruin the surprise, use the word list at the top of each page.

This book works great for filling Easter baskets, or to have around the table during a family meal. Do as many or as few fill in the blank pages as you’d like. But be careful! The best Mad Libs can cause people to choke or even spit out their food from laughing so hard.

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