5 Worlds Books

5 Worlds books The Sand Warrior and Amber Anthem by Mark Siegel

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Light the Beacon of Reading

5 Worlds books The Sand Warrior and Amber Anthem by Mark Siegel
  • What: 5 Worlds Books
  • When: 8 to 12 years
  • Why: Engrossing, diverse themes
  • Where: Amazon

5 Worlds takes kids on an adventure unlike any other. Three kids from different backgrounds must team up to save their worlds from extinction. On the brink of war, ancient beacons provide the only hope to salvation. But who can light them? Enter the unlikely trio of heroes, Oona Lee, An Tzu, and Jax Amboy. 

5 Worlds The Sand Warrior on Amazon

Each of the worlds in this graphic novel features in one the five books in the series. Begin the quest with The Sand Warrior and meet the unlikely heroes, each struggling with their own difficulties. The graphic novel format keeps kids turning the pages and clamoring for more. With the fifth book due out in May, kids can enjoy the first four installments in this adventure series filled with fantasy and magic, including the Sand Castle, a school for training aspiring sand dancers. The fast-paced story will delight readers of many ages, and both my eight and ten year olds read them voraciously.

These graphic novels jump right into the action.

You can buy these books individually or get the first four in a boxed set. Whether you decide to purchase them or explore from your local library, don’t overlook this great graphic novel series for kids.

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