Tasty Easter Egg Goodies

Green and yellow plastic Easter eggs emptied on ground in pile

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Tiny Treats for Excellent Egg Stuffing

Green and yellow plastic Easter eggs emptied on ground in pile
  • What: Tasty Easter Egg Goodies
  • When: Easter
  • Why: Get sweet treats that fit
  • Where: At home

Want to fill your kid’s Easter eggs with a variety of treats? You can’t go wrong with any of these delicious candies nestled inside any plastic egg.

Child's Easter basket filled with eggs, Crayola markers, and small stuffed pony

Cheerios: Even the smallest little chick can enjoy picking up Cheerios and feasting on them after the hunt ends. With a variety of flavors and colors to choose from, you can mix and match, and keep the leftovers for an easy post-hunt bowl of refreshment. Combine the cereal with a Cheerios activity board book for even more themed fun.

Goldfish: For the youngest egg collectors, goldfish work great as an alternative to chocolate and other candies. Choose the sweeter graham cracker varieties or any one of the many cracker flavors to fill your eggs.

Jelly Beans: These small candies fit easily inside Easter eggs, and you can buy them in bulk in either bags or larger containers. We favor Jelly Bellies in our house, as the smaller beans and extra flavor pack a big punch. But almost any type will do. Add a fun dispenser to their Easter basket to keep the fun going long after the egg hunt ends.

Skittles candin pile rainbow of color

Skittles: Get a rainbow of flavor with a bag of Skittles. These tiny candies work great for Easter eggs, but don’t come with the standard up charge for seasonal pastel colored wrappings. You can get smaller fun sized bags if you want to keep the candy contained after the egg gets opened, or opt for a bigger bag and add as few or many loose Skittles as you like.

M&Ms: Much like Skittles, these tiny chocolate candies work great for stuffing Easter eggs of any size. You can find almost all the varieties with pastel colored shells, or grab regular bags of any flavor to round out the candy contents of your child’s eggs.

Cadbury Creme Egg and chocolate creme egg on countertop

Cadbury Creme Eggs: If you want a bigger bang, stick a cream egg into the plastic shell. These heavier items fill most eggs completely, and come individually wrapped, in case you’re hunting outside or in areas where spills may happen. They also come in a large range of flavors, from the standard cream concoctions to chocolate and caramel fillings, and even include mini versions, too.

And don’t forget. If you have kids of different ages hunting in the same area, color code the eggs to keep the difficulty appropriate for everyone. 

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