Yahtzee Game

Yahtzee family dice game National Parks edition with shaker, dice, pencil, and scoring sheet

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Roll Your Way to Victory

Yahtzee family dice game National Parks edition with shaker, dice,

  • What: Yahtzee game
  • When: 8 years and up
  • Why: Fun, compact, easy to learn
  • Where: Amazon

Several of my kids have hit the age where they enjoy a wider variety of games, like Yahtzee. This classic dice game pits luck with skill.

Yahtzee Dice Game on Amazon

Players take turns rolling the five dice. On each turn, players use the included shaker to roll the dice. After the first roll, players may choose to re-roll any of the five dice up to two times. Each player fills out their score sheet, trying to get different combinations of dice. At the end of the game, once both players have filled every box on their score sheet, players total their scores. The person with the highest score wins. 

Yahtzee scoring sheet with pencil and dice
Players can enter a total for each category only once.

The biggest score comes from Yahtzee, five of a kind, worth 50 points. The other categories vary in points value, with some having a set amount and others depending on the dice roll. Choosing which dice to reroll and calculating the odds of getting a certain combination requires more advanced skills, though younger kids can easily go on pure luck. Picking a category to score at the end of a turn also requires some critical thinking skills, as each one can only be used once. Kids also get excellent math practice totaling their rolls and their scores. Even better, two people can play virtually as long as they both have their own copy of the game.

Let your kids test their luck and battle acumen in this contest of wits and chance. But don’t be surprised if they win!

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