Bogs Big Kid Boots

Bogs big kid insulated rain boots donut pattern on dark blue background size 5 big kid

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Better Options for Growing Kids

Bogs big kid insulated rain boots

  • What: Bogs Boots
  • When: 3 to 12 years 
  • Why: Durable, wide side range
  • Where: Amazon or Bogs

Somewhere around size 5 for big kid shoes, companies stop making their products large enough for my rapidly growing kid. I suppose at some point I will simply shop in the men’s department for my growing son.  But at age ten, he still loves bright colors and fun patterns, two things woefully short in supply in grown men’s clothing.

So when he outgrew (again in the last six months) his beloved Croc boots, I went shopping online for a replacement. Our favorite Bump It style only goes up to size 3 or 4. The Handle It design goes a bit higher, up to size 6, but none were in stock. So I took a chance and ordered from LL Bean. While their Puddle Stompers only go up to size 3 (what do bigger kids wear?!?), their Wellies go all the way to size 6 and so do Bogs, which they carry. I scored a pair of Bogs on sale in size 5 that actually fit my kid, and for roughly half the price of retail. 

Child climbing ladder while wearing Bogs big kid boots size five
Bogs pair a solid rubber shoe with a softer more flexible upper boot complete with handle holes.

While I can’t justify paying full price ($80 and up) for a pair of boots my kid will likely outgrow in six months, especially towards the end of the rainy season, I can part with half that much for a solid boot that all three of my kids can wear. Bogs come insulated to -4 Fahrenheit, with a rubber sole and shoe and softer neoprene on the upper portion. Handles on both sides make it easier for kids to get them on, and the non-marking sole means I don’t have to worry about my floors. As an added bonus, they have tons of different colors and patterns to choose from. You can get them in sizes from toddlers to big kids, ranging from little kid size 7 all the way to big kid size 7 big kid. But know that these boots weigh a lot more than some other options, and may make smaller feet wear out sooner than other brands. 

Bogs Kids Rain Boots on Amazon 

While our options for solid footwear in kid-appealing colors seem to be diminishing, I’m glad we’ve found something that works – at least until he grows another two sizes.

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