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Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 three in one booster seat for kids installed in middle row of Mazda5 minivan

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All The Information Every Parent Needs

Brtiax Grow with You Harness2Booster seat next to Britax Marathon convertible car seat in third row of Mazda5
  • What: Car Seat Resources
  • When: Before birth to ten years
  • Why: Keep kids safe
  • Where: On the road

With spring in full swing and more families than ever hitting the road, here’s a roundup of car seat information every parent should know. From first time parents trying to pick the best seat for their newest addition to experienced parents adding another car seat to their family vehicle, these tips and tricks will lighten the load of any car seat user.

W.H.A.L.E.: Every kid in a car seat can benefit from the use of this simple sticker indicating the presence of a child identification kit. Make sure your child stays protected even after an accident thanks to this system created by a caregiver over twenty years ago. Record pertinent information such as date of birth, emergency contact, and allergies for rescue workers to have on hand both for kids who can’t talk yet, to older kids who may be in shock.

Car Seats for the Littles Logo seatbelt clicking over black heart on yellow background

Car Seats for the Littles: Have a question about car seats? From comparing different models in different vehicles to explaining the pros and cons of different types of seats, the folks at Car Seats for the Littles strive to provide education and resources on best practices for almost any situation. With the expert knowledge to back up their advice, parents can trust the answers they find here.

Warning label about LATCH anchor weight limits attached to Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 booster seat

LATCH Limits: Did you know that after a certain weight, you can’t use LATCH anchors for installation anymore? LATCH anchors in most cars are designed to carry a maximum load. As any parent who’s lifted a car seat knows, the seat itself can weigh a lot. That amount goes toward the LATCH limit, meaning you need to know when to switch to a seat belt installation to keep your kids safe beyond a certain weight.

Knee’d To Know: Having trouble getting a good installation of your car seat in your vehicle? Did you know a frightening number of car seats are installed improperly, putting kids at risk? This easy trick uses your body weight to help get a tight fit when installing car seats.

The Car Seat Lady logo

Car Seat Lady: Car crashes are the leading cause of death and injury to kids, particularly in the United States, which prompted the birth of the Car Seat Lady more than 35 years ago. Child passenger safety informs every article on this site, which covers everything from the narrowest car seats for three across situations to the best vehicles for families.

The Car Seat Lady's visual guide to the five step seat belt test for kids to ride without a booster in vehicles

Five Step Seatbelt Test: Thinking about moving your child out of a five point harness? Make sure they meet the requirement regardless of their age or size. Check this easy guide and make sure your kid rides in the correct type of seat.

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